Recipients are honoured at a school graduation ceremony or awards assembly. A representative of the PSBGM Cultural Heritage Foundation is present during the ceremony to award the scholarships to the students.

Allocation of scholarships to schools

The number of scholarships allocated to a school is based on the enrollment of the graduating class at each learning institution. High school and adult centre students recieve $1000.00 per scholarship towards the post-secondary institution of their choice. Elementary school students recieve $100 per scholarship towards the EMSB high school of their choice:

High School Allocations

F.A.C.E. 1
James Lyng Comprehensive 1
John F. Kennedy Comprehensive 1
LaurenHill Academy 3
Laurier Macdonald High School 3
Lester B. Pearson High School 3
Marymount Academy International 1
M.I.N.D. High School 1
Rosemount High School 1
Royal Vale High School 1
Royal West Academy 2
Vincent Massey Collegiate 2
Westmount High School 2
*Special Needs Schools 1
Outreach Schools 1
*John Grant or L.I.N.K.S. or Mackay or P.E. Layton - 1 award for any one graduate in a given year.

Adult Centre Allocations

Galileo Adult Centrre 1
High School of Montreal Adult Centre 1
James Lyng Adult Centre 1
St. Laurent Adult Centre 1
St. Pius X Adult Centre 1

Elementary School Allocations

Bancroft School 1
Carlyle School 1
Cedarcrest School 1
Coronation School 1
Dalkeith School 1
Dante School 1
Dunrae Gardens School 2
East Hill School 2
Edinburgh School 1
Edward Murphy School 1
Elizabeth Ballantyne School 1
F.A.C.E. School 1
Gardenview School 3
General Vanier School 1
Gerald McShane School 1
Hampstead School 1
Honore Mercier School 2
John Caboto Academy 1
Leonardo Da Vinci Academy 2
Merton School 1
Michelangelo International School 1
Nesbitt School 2
Our Lady of Pompei School 1
Parkdale School 1
Pierre de Coubertin School 2
Pierre E. Trudeau School 2
Roslyn School 2
Royal Vale School 1
St. Dorothy School 1
St. Gabriel School 1
St. Monica School 1
St. Raphael School 1
Westmount Park School 1
Willingdon School 2